Questionnaire on Training Offer of NLTs

Submitted by MaTEAdmin on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 03:30

We are starting to work on the tools to start up the showcase of the training offer of future teachers of native languages.

As per our discussion during the kick-off meeting Rabia and her colleagues have shared a detailed structure of their training of future teachers.

You can see it here

We have been toying around with what tool can be used to collect info in a homogeneous and a way that is easy for donors of info to use the tool easily.

In the meantime I start with some questions:


  • is this training offer for all future teachers, all future NLTs at all levels of education or is this the language component of a specific target group ie. from middle/secondary school upwards ?
  • do I remember right that during the Kick-off Meeting you mentioned that in Turkey "NLTs" does not include teachers of primary school ?



  • if it comes to a head and we see there is no way to have a digital tool that allows for easy adding on or ticking Yes or No about each item on the training offer we might adopt a strategy to simplify what Rabia started like putting in Native Language in stead of Turkish language so that it is more applicable to more training providers. What do you think about such a strategy?
  • to make it easier for respondents we are thinking of the possibility of putting blocks of the training offer that Rabia started so that whoever is filling in the questionnaire sees a block and then has a space to comment on what is offered over and above the training offer we present in the questionnaire and what is not. Does this fit the purpose of the questionnaire and the showcase?
  • did anyone come across a tool that would help us make it simple to elicit replies to a questionnaire of this sort?