Profiling our learners

Submitted by MaTEAdmin on Sat, 01/08/2022 - 05:03

This is the first round of comments we are soliciting from the partners in preparation for our meet up in Antalya however, more than this, it is also part of the production of the MaTE Innovative Training for NLTs that we will be producing together over the coming three rounds of training.

This is a small forum is open only for the partners however the conclusions will later be transferred to the Linkedin Group where all the participants in C3 in Antalya will be invited to join.

Our question here is: Who is our learner?

We are referring to teachers who will be our learners when and should the training for NLTs we propose will be adopted.

You will see that below you can:

- start a new comment if you identify a new cluster of potential learners or

- reply to comment if you wish to contribute to a discussion that someone else's comment started.

Thank you for your contributions.