2 Coordination Issues : Corona Virus

Submitted by MaTEAdmin on Sun, 03/22/2020 - 12:46

This forum is necessary to touch base with all the partners about the topic that is right now the most important concern in all of our countries. We hope that all of the MaTE team, colleagues, family and friends are ok and coping well. It is time to be close in spite of distances. Our special sign of solidarity goes to Marta, Agostina and all their colleagues these days and weeks.

There might be some issues with the travelling in June. Although we hope that by then Europe will start seeing the end of the tunnel however from what we see June is quite optimistic that things will have come back to normal. It would be great to have your impressions and some input on some questions that come to our mind.

1. Should we wait longer before deciding about feasibility of still having the training in June in Porto?

2. Has anyone bought flights yet?

3. If we postpone should we aim for September and then postpone (and identify dates) for new dates for Norway? When does it become unbearably cold and risky to travel to Norway because of snow etc.?

Thank you everyone for your help.


PS This is the first time we are using a forum like this. First post can comment underneath then the following post can either post a reply to this one or else even reply directly to a reply by another person.