Constructive Mapping

MappingConstructive mapping will enable the partners to identify those trends in education and learning that can be tapped to help Native Language Teachers change and modernise native language teaching irrespective of the challenges from the new social texture in the classroom and also, at the same time, help them with new skills in classroom management, delivery, tapping of new technologies and in making their teaching more flexible, personalised and mobile that may and are also part of the strategy to meet the said challenges.

The project has a Linkedin Group to host debate about this mapping.

The partners are:

  • mapping pedagogical innovations, technologies and trends in teaching and learning in language teaching and in general (even outside the language classroom) and to assess how these can be tapped to transform the native language class dynamics in so far as classroom management, teacher-students relationship, delivery, flexibility, personalisation and mobile learning are concerned and
  • creating instruments to keep NLTs up to date and upskill them with the latest pedagogical innovations, technologies and trends.

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  • This is the website of the Mapping Teacher Training project that is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Higher Education under the leadership of the Faculty of Education of Akdeniz University of Antalya, Turkey.